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February is the month for chocolate, chocolate candy hearts and steaming chocolate cocoa. So, why not chocolate plants? Surely there are fewer calories. Since chocolate is such a favorite of so many and brings such delicious thoughts to our heads, it’s no wonder that plant breeders and suppliers use this addiction of ours to tempt us into buying their new introductions.

By simply adding the word chocolate or cocoa to a new plant introduction they have our attention. But in all fairness, many of these “chocolate” plants and flowers are indeed beautiful and worthy of the distinction.

Coleus ‘Chocolate Drop’  is a gorgeous shade loving annual for moist soil. Decorative foliage is rounded green leaves with a deep crimson center and viens. Grows to about 14 inches and is deer resistant.

Baptisia ‘Dutch Chocolate’ is a perennial for part to full sun. A tall upright plant with velvety chocolate-purple flowers. A good plant for dryer gardens with poor soil. Keeps a nice compact habit.

Aqueligia ‘Chocolate Soldier’ is a clump forming perennial which blooms in spring with fragrant nodding chocolate colored flowers.

Cosmos ‘ Choca Mocha’ is a heat tolerant annual for full to part sun. Chocolate colored flowers are held on strong stems with fernlike foliage. Works well in containers too.

Salpiglossis ‘Chocolate Royal’ is a gorgeous annual growing to about 24 inches tall. Its velvety chocolate trumpet blooms make good cut flowers.

Sweet- Hot- Chocolate-sensible-gardening.jpg

Daylily ‘Sweet Hot Chocolate’ is very hardy and will grow in zone 3. A medium sized daylily sporting mahogany-purple blooms.

Dahlia ‘Chocolate Sundae’ is a miniature  dahlia at 18 inches tall. It loves full sun and has dark maroon petals with a bright yellow center.

Rosa ‘Hot Chocolate’ is a Floribunda rose with glossy dark green leaves and fragrant double blossoms from spring through to fall.

Corydalis ‘Chocolate Star’ has chocolate brown foliage which matures to green. Covered with creamy white-lavender flowers. Blooms in late spring and prefers a shady, moist site.

Viola ‘Frosted Chocolate’ is a very pretty annual for shady gardens and containers.



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