Cheerful and Cheap Garden Containers

Growing plants in containers is effective for all types of gardening endeavours. Naturally ideal for smaller gardens, balconies and decks, containers are also highly effective in larger plantings to fill in gaps with a punch of colour and create interest in off seasons.  Further more cheap garden containers  can hide an eyesore area, add tender plants that are difficult to grow in the ground, or give light and brighten a dark corner.

Container choices are unending, anything that will hold a bit of dirt can be used as a growing container. You can purchase large urns and stone planters at a high price, or with a little imagination you can find and use many budget ideas from discarded and recycled items.

First of all to give you some ideas and get you started, I’ve gathered up a few ideas that I thought were very clever and effective. Since most can be done by anyone, there is no need for special skills or equipment. I’m hoping these ideas will inspire you to get creative, look around your own surroundings and create your own unique, creative garden containers.


Use a few old teapots, kettles or even a watering can. Plant them up with colourful plants or succulents and hang or place them anywhere. You can even use an old lantern.

Cheap garden containers with Sensible Gardening

Dig up a few old worn out and character style boots to pot up. The more worn probably the better.

For lots of character round up an old rusted wheelbarrow or two. Spruce them up with a fresh coat of vivid paint or leave them rusty. These can easily be moved around to different areas of the garden as you see fit.

Maybe you have some old buckets and barrels hanging around. They make excellent containers. Many old tubs are made of galvanized steel, and for larger containers try potting up old wooden wine barrels.

Cheap garden containers with Sensible Gardening

Pull out that old bicycle from the shed and bring it back to life with fresh paint. If you hang a few baskets from it and plant them up with overflowing flowers, you will love the effect.

Cut a hole in the seat of an old chair and place a pot full of colourful flowers in it. If you use lots of spillers in your planting the blooms will drape beautifully over the chair.

Cheerful and Cheep Garden Containers with Sensible Gardening


Are you handy with a paint brush? Take cheap pots and paint them with colourful designs, or wrap in cotton string.

Cut a hole in an old log and plant it up with annuals.

Cheap garden containers with Sensible Gardening

Anything made out of galvanized steel looks great potted up.

Cheap garden containers with Sensible Gardening

There is no shortage of tin cans or cheap plastic pots that you can paint in bright cheerful tones. Once planted, hang them up on walls or fences.

Get the kids involved and use some of their old toys as containers. Dump trucks are perfect and the kids can place them wherever they like. Most of all they are also moveable which the kids will enjoy.

Cheap garden containers with Sensible Gardening

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