Changing Seasons

Christmas Angel at Sensible a Gardening and Living

Way up high in the mountains we are beginning to see the first sprinkles of snow. That’s our warning that within the next month or so the white stuff will probably be blanketing the vally floor. We don’t always have a white Christmas, but I prefer it when we do. Must be a throw back to my prairie roots.

Winter at Sensible Gardening and Living

Seeing all that white about though does put you in a change of mood, a sort of quieter, hunkering down kind of mood. It also gets me thinking a bit more about the upcoming holiday season that will soon be upon us. I quite enjoy the Christmas holidays and have fun making homemade holiday decorations from materials I can gather up from the garden and house. Nothing too complicated, easy crafts that are fun work best for me. Here are a few simple holiday decorating ideas you might like to try.


An Elegant Wreath

Prune a long stem from any vine in the fall, it could be a clematis, passion-fruit, grape, silver-lace etc. Wind the stem up in loose circles with leaves, tendrils and all and leave to dry for about a month. You can leave it natural or spray with gold or silver paint. Tie a wide silk ribbon around the vine to hang it and dangle a simple round glass ornament from the bow. This makes for a very light wreath than can be easily hung anywhere.

A Bowl of Pinecones

Go for a long walk around your yard, neighborhood or park. Gather up a collection of different sized acorns, evergreen cones, walnut husks, seed pods and anything else you find interesting. Spread your treasures on newsprint and spray with gold paint or leave them natural. Place your treasures in a beautiful festive bowl or platter and set on the table.

Festive Pine Cones / Sensible Gardening and Living

White Poinsettia 

For easy holiday decorating take a fairly large decorative straw basket and fill with salal branches, holy stems or evergreen stems. Sink a white poinsettia in a pot into the basket and arrange greenery attractively.

Festive Container

Take your pot of tender succulents that you brought indoors. Add a focal point, such as a  holiday figure or small potted miniature xmas tree (usually sold at nurseries for Christmas decor). Add an oversized shiny bow and you have a great table setting for a buffet table.

Xmas Succulents / Sensible Gardening and Living

Glittering Vases

One of the easiest but very effective homemade Christmas decorations I use is to take any  glass or crystal type vase or bowl and fill it with shining and dazzling Christmas balls.  Place by a sunny windowsill and let the natural sunlight work its charms.

Glittering Balls / Sensible Gardening and Living

Sap Pots

If you have any real old sap pots that is the best, but if not weathered terra cotta pots work too. Simply fill with natural pine cones of various sizes. You can also use pomegranates. A cluster of various sized pots placed on a simple raffia mat makes a great table center.

Bird Nests

If you were fortunate to come across any abandoned bird nests this fall, bring them indoors and fill with sparkling tiny ornaments, bits of beautiful satin ribbon and strings of pearls.        

2 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

  1. The snow does turn one’s mind to Christmas and decorating and all the fun that goes with it. I see the move away from Edmonton didn’t leave the snow behind too.

    I like your ideas here. They’re not complicated but the impact is perfect for welcoming the spirit of the season and still making the winter doldrums stay at bay. That’s what I must do this year! A nice winter urn by the front door sounds like a good idea!

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