Bountiful Bonsai – A Book Review

Bountiful Bonsai with Sensible Gardening / A Book Review

Bountiful Bonsai written by Richard W. Bender, describes a whole new twist to the traditional ancient art of bonsai. You could say that he is reintroducing bonsai to the modern gardener by giving instructions on how to simplify and make bonsai more accessible to most of us.

Bountiful Bonsai with Sensible Gardening / A Book Review

The author’s “instant bonsai” techniques revolve around the use of common, affordable and available plant material from your local nurseries. You are introduced to a large selection of appropriate bonsai plant material and guided on what and how to choose your plants. He then explains and shows the techniques required for bonsai shaping as well as the continued care of your specimen.

Richard Bender adds another fresh element to his bonsai with the introduction of using edible herbs, fruits and flowers to create edible bonsai. Rather than concentrating on the strict rules of bonsai, he chooses to focus on the production of an actual harvest for home use.

It all sounds like fun to me. Bonsai has always intrigued me but I confess I have also found it to be intimidating. I like the idea of taking herb plants and dwarf citrus and turning them into something not only beautiful for the indoor garden but also extremely useful in my kitchen. What better time than the middle of winter to start a new indoor project.

Your “Bountiful Bonsai Harvest” will afford you a supply of flavourings, syrups, jams, teas and chutneys. Other fragrant plants can be used to make potpourri and other aromatherapy blends. In the last chapter you will discover the many ways to store and use your bonsai crops. There are even a few recipes thrown in, so what are you waiting for!

Bountiful Bonsai is an easy read, filled with simple instructions to help you begin growing edible bonsai. A great book to get you started on a fun and fruitful hobby.

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