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Apple harvest at Sensible Gardening

Where I live it is time to harvest apples big time. Living in an orchard area has advantages, fresh fruit is very abundant. Our farmers market and farm sales supply us with a great variety of fresh fruit and produce. When you live around orchards and see the amount of work and energy that goes into a crop you definitely gain a respect for the industry. Farming is not for the faint of heart, growing apple trees is a tricky business.

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The apple orchards are beautiful in spring when in bloom, nothing else quite like it. As the season continues the fruit slowly grows and ripens, and you realize how many different types of apples are grown in the one area. Most of the time I am confused which variety is which so decided to do a little homework to get myself on track. Here is a list of apple varieties that we grow and a little information on them.

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You know an apple is ripe when it looks and tastes the way that variety should look and taste. The apple should pick easily with little resistance.

Red Delicious

An older popular variety which is very crisp and sweet. One of the last apples to ripen.  A good eating variety.

Golden Delicious

Like red delicious it ripens late and is also a sweet eating apple. A nice round yellow apple.

Granny Smith

Originally from Australia, a green tart apple good for long storage. Also good apples for cooking.

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Crisp apples and slightly tart eating apple. Grows on very hardy trees but susceptible to scab. Another old variety.


A newer variety that is crispy and juicy. Yellow and red colored, a good storage apple.


Crisp and great for eating fresh. Light red and yellow, ripens early but sores well.  A newer variety.


A cross between McIntosh and Delicious. Dark red, juicy and sweet. Grows on a hardy tree.

Golden Russet

Used for making cider, quite tart. Greenish gold color with a rough skin.


A late red apple with good flavor, good for cooking and cider making. Also a good variety for storage.


A large red and yellow apple that ripens in mid season.

Crab Apples

Not good for fresh eating this tiny apple is great for making jellies or for stewing in sweet syrup. Very hardy tree.

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  1. We have one apple tree at the bottom of our garden but sadly this year for the first time – no apples. We had very early hot sunshine in the UK this year and it fooled many of our fruit trees into doing all their busy growing & we then had a very bad spell of weather including big frosts. It has been difficult for many orchard farmers. Fingers crossed that we’re back to normal next year with a lovely apple bounty 🙂

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