Annual Succulents in Pots

Succulents will be popular again this gardening season and it’s no wonder. With such a wide variety to choose from along with their easy care this should come as no surprise. With my own hot and dry exposure they are the perfect plant for me to grow in pots. I have many perennial succulents growing in the garden, but I grow my annual succulents in pots. This way when the cold weather arrives, I can move them indoors.

Last summer I potted up a couple of containers with succulents and those pots far outshone any of my others. They were the easiest to care for and looked great through  out the entire season, right up until frost. At that time I rescued them and brought them indoors for the winter. This spring I will return them to the outdoors for another season of beauty. Does it get any better than that!

Did you know that succulents are sometimes referred to as fat plants. The name arises from the fact that they are water retaining plants. Succulents store water in their leaves, stems and even their roots.

Succulents can be planted in just about container you can dream up. They lend themselves to great displays of form and colour so let your imagination run wild. Give them a well draining soil mixture, lots of sun and a slight hand with the watering can and they will do well.

Here are a few ideas I’ve gathered up to wet your appetite and get your own creative ideas flowing.


HYPERTUFA TROUGHS that you can buy or better yet, make your own.

TIN CANS, what could be easier or cheaper.

STRAWBERRY POT, the perfect container.

OLD BOOTS, the older and more worn out the better.

TREE STUMP, just hollow out a bit of the centre and plant. Perfect for the rustic garden.

TOYS, let the kids get involved by planting up their toy dump trucks or any other toy that will hold a bit of dirt.

JUGS, standing up or laying down. Broken jugs would work well too.

TEA CUPS, or tea pots or even old cooking pots and kettles.

OLD LOG, that has rotted out.

BABY FOOD JARS, or any type of jar. Thinking mason jars.

GARDEN POTS, of any size or shape. Try making a mini or fairy succulent garden.

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