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You might say I’m a garden addict, or maybe just an obsessive compulsive gardener. Either way I have been gardening for most of my life. I am a retired nursery woman, flower farmer, artist ( mostly floral watercolours) and bee keeper’s assistant. I’m fortunate enough to live on a small farm in a beautiful area of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  My husband and I have cultivated about 1 acre of our farm in  gardens surrounding our home.  I’m especially passionate about the flowers and he has an affair going on with our bees.

Of course with gardening comes flowers and vegetables, which leads us to food and beautiful things and on to cooking and decorating. A wonderful and endless cycle to explore and enjoy. We garden organically and work hard towards being sustainable.

Working in a garden-nursery has been an invaluable learning experience and it is this accumulated garden knowledge and hands on experience that I would like to share with fellow gardeners. I try to keep gardening simple so the work doesn’t over shadow the fun, gardening with the tune of our site and not against it. I have learned how to garden with little water, less than perfect soil conditions and wildlife, of which we are blessed to have a great deal of.  Much of our garden is planted in bee friendly plants to keep the bees in our apiary happy, our pond is a welcome mat for birds, snakes and various other critters, and deer and even bear are allowed as long as they behave themselves.

For the love of all things growing.



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