A Garden without Flowers?

Viburnum in the fall at Sensible Gardening and Living

As each week passes more and more of the blooms are disappearing in my garden. However when I walk through the fall gardens this time of year I realize it is actually my favorite season. I really prefer gardening in the fall.

Sensible Gardening and Living
Sensible Gardening and Living

The garden is so much calmer at this time. Without the intense brightness and heat of the sun, everything is more relaxing. The greens are greener, fall garden flowers that are still present have deeper and richer colours. Of course the leaves are beginning to change into their fall colors which adds to the whole picture.

Without all the floral distraction you notice more about the foliage and shapes of your plants. Whether the leaves are shiny or fuzzy, round or slender, drooping or upright. You notice the berries more and seed pods that are forming. Foliage plants such as hostas and ferns really come into their own. Ornamental grasses are now mature with graceful seed heads waving on tall stems.

Fall gardening is a brief time when the gardener has a bit more free time because even the weeds have slowed down. You can catch your breath and take stock of this years successes and failures. Mentally take notes on what you plan to change and improve next season. Gardening in fall is the feeling of winding down not up and I suppose that appeals to me.

I’m glad though that I have taken lots of pictures throughout the summer of the garden in its madness of color to reflect upon throughout the cooler months that will soon be upon us.