A Bunch of Flowers

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With so many beautiful blooms gracing our gardens right now it’s time to bring some fresh cut flowers indoors. If you’ve planted a cutting garden you have lots of fresh flowers to choose from, otherwise pick and choose from your flower beds and don’t be shy. It often seems hard to pick flowers from our well studied beds but a few missing here and there will not be noticed.

Nothing is nicer than taking a bunch of freshly cut flowers that you have grown  to your family and friends. A small bunch or a large bunch, just tie them up with a bit of ribbon and you are on your way.

Fowers in a vase / Sensible Gardening and Living

For something a little more precise you can spend a little more time arranging fresh flowers in a bunch.  Fresh flower arrangements need not be difficult. First gather the main foliage you plan to use. Arrange these stems in a round symmetrical dome. Spend a little time getting this right as it is the base for the rest of your arrangement. Next choose your secondary foliage, something contrasting is often nice. Add a few stems vertically but for most add them at a sharp angle across the bunch, just catching on a stem from your original foliage. Carefully pull it into place from below.

Next add your flowering stems. Firstly choose your primary flower, and add stems of an uneven amount spaced evenly throughout the bunch. Once again, add them at an angle and pull through. Your secondary flowers will be smaller but of the same color tones as your primary flowers. Space evenly throughout the bunch. Your third flower selection is for the pizzaz. Choose a contrasting color or even one that slightly clashes which will show off your primary flowers to their best.

Summer Bouquet / Sensible Gardening and Living

Once you are happy with your bunch wrap a double string or ribbon round the stems and poke the two cut ends through the loop. You can now tighten your bunch by pulling one end one way and the other end the other way. Shear off your stems all to the same length.

Roses in a Vase / Sensible Gardening and Living

Your bunch can now be placed in a jar or vase. One of my favorite fresh flower arrangement ideas is to make a cellophane bowl for your flowers. Cut a rectangle of cellophane wrap about 3 feet long. Place your bunch of flowers in the middle of the paper and wrap, then tie with ribbon the same as you did before. You now have a bowl which you can fill with water to cover the ends of the stems. Tighten your ribbon in the same fashion as earlier so water cannot leak out. This makes the perfect carrying case for transferring your flowers to the homes of friends. What could possibly be nicer, and it’s kind to the pocketbook too.

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