19 Best Low Light Indoor Plants

19 Best Low Light Indoor Plants with Sensible Gardening. Liven up those dark corners.

All living houseplants require some light, but some grow very well with very little. Our homes and offices can benefit greatly by having living plants as part of the decor, and to help clean the air we breath, however many rooms have minimal natural light sources. If you read that there are plants that will grow in your home with no light source at all (including artificial), well that simply is not so.

19 Best Low Light Indoor Plants with Sensible Gardening. Liven up those dark corners.

Lucky for us there are several plants that require minimum light to survive and even thrive. Some of these selections grow well in bright light, but will also perform adequately in lower light conditions.

Growing natural plants in dark corners or dark rooms adds color and life to an other wise dull and drab environment. Here are selections for you to try. Not only are they happy in low light but most are also easy care plants.

WANDERING JEW (Tradescantia pallid)

This is the same family of plants that many of us use in our perennial borders, where hardy. This cultivar is a trailing plant great for hanging baskets indoors. Survives well in low light but some leaf markings will fade. Best not to let this one dry out. 

Wandering Jew at Sensible Gardening

BOSTON FERN Nephrolepis exaltata)

Do not let the root ball completely dry out and do not place near heat or cold registers. They also like a good misting. Good for bathrooms with higher humidity.

Boston Fern at Sensible Gardening

POTHOS (Epipremnum aureum)

This is a very easy plant to grow, and tolerable of most situations. If you choose a variegated variety they might loose some colour in low light sites.

Pothos at Sensible Gardening

SPIDER PLANT (Chlorophytum comosum)

This is another good plant for hanging containers. A very tough plant tolerant of a wide range of conditions. Protect from direct sun as leaf tips will brown off.  Creates plantlets which can be easily potted up to make more plants. Small white flowers.

Spider Plant at Sensible Gardening

LUCKY BAMBOO (Dracaena sanderiana)

Not really a bamboo at all but a type of tropical water lily.You can grow it in water or soil. It is said this plant attracts chi energy and can energize your home. 

Lucky Bamboo at Sensible Gardening

PARLOR PALM (Chamaedorea elegans)

Do not place in direct sunlight. This is a slow grower taking several years to reach it’s full size of 3-4 feet. Take it easy on the watering.

Parlor Palm at Sensible Gardening

ENGLISH IVY (Hedera helix)

Grow in enriched soil. Add something for it to climb up in the pot or use in a hanging basket. Keep well watered.

English ivy at Sensible Gardening

PHILODENDRON (P. bipinnatifidum) 

This is a large shrub type plant with large leaves. Give this one lots of room. Enjoys a bit of outdoor living when weather permits. Do not overwater.

Philodendron at Sensible Gardening


You should find a wide variety to choose from at your garden centre and any of these will grow indoors. 

Begonia at Sensible Gardening


Sometimes called the radiator plant. Mostly grown for their fleshy, heart shaped leaves. Generally kept on the drier side.

Peperomia at Sensible Gardeniing

CAST IRON PLANT (Aspidistra elatior)

A very adaptable and easy to grow plant. Rarely bothered by pests or disease.

Cast Iron Plant at Sensible Gardening

PRAYER PLANT (Maranta leuconeura)

Grow in shallow pots or hanging baskets due to shallow root system. Prefers high humidity. Water less in winter.

Prayer Plant at Sensible Gardening

SNAKE PLANT (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Stiff, upright leaves produced in clumps. Only repot when they get root bound. Are capable of removing toxins from your indoor air.

Snake Plant at Sensible Gardening


Erect, slow growing shrub or small tree. Keep out of direct sun, and water sparingly in winter. Sensitive to excess fluoride. Keep moist but never soggy in summer.

Dracaena at Sensible Gardening


One of the easiest indoor plants to grow tolerating poor light, drought and low humidity.

Chinese Evergreen at Sensible Gardening


Sometimes called Dumb Cane. Do not like being overwatered. Browning on bottom leaves is quite normal, simply snip them off.

Dumb Cane plant at Sensible Gardening

PEACE LILY (Spathiphyllum)

This plant can help to clean up your indoor air. Keep on the dryer side as they do not like to be overwatered.

Pece Lily at Sensible Gardening

ZZ PLANT (Zamioculas Zamifolia)

This plant is almost indestructible. Fleshy leaves look like they have a wax coating. The best care for this plant is little care.


Home to hot, dry places. Water sparingly in winter. Enjoys the outdoors in the summer months. In extremely dry air the leaf tips might turn brown.

Yucca Cane at Sensible Gardening

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19 Best Low Light Indoor Plants with Sensible Gardening. Liven up those dark corners with easy care plants.

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