17 Easy Flowering Indoor Plants

17 Easy to Grow Flowering Houseplants with Sensible Gardening

The gardening season is over in my neck of the woods, so my green thumb must move indoors. I find working with plants so pleasurable and relaxing, that to go a whole winter without them would just not be possible. Indoor plants are the next best thing for me. I love the way they fill a room with natural beauty, aromas and a sense of well being. In particular, I enjoy those that offer me blooms at this time of year.

17 Easy to Grow Flowering Houseplants with Sensible Gardening

Some flowering houseplants can be a bit finicky when it comes time to producing blooms but many others are quite reliable and easy to grow. You just have to decide for yourself how much effort you are willing to put in and choose those plants that best meet your commitment level.

I created a list of those flowering plants that are usually available at the nurseries. Most of these following plants are relatively easy to keep alive and healthy, the difficult part is getting some of them to re-bloom. A regular fertilizing schedule will go a long way. We usually buy them in bloom but often are not able to see them repeat the performance.  Take a look see and choose a few you would like to enhance your home with this winter.


AFRICAN VIOLETS are one of the easiest to keep in flower. If cared for they will often flower throughout the entire year. Best kept in a bright window with evenly moist soil. Water droplets on the leaves create unsightly brown spots so best to water them from the bottom. They will also tolerate lower light conditions but may not bloom as well.

African violets with Sensible Gardening

PEACE LILY grows well in both low light and low humidity conditions. Keep soil evenly moist. An added bonus to this plant is the ability to reduce toxins  in the air.

Peace Lily with Sensible Gardening

CHRISTMAS CACTUS will grow in low light to brighter light settings. They bloom when triggered by cooler temperatures and shorter days.

Christmas Cactus with Sensible Gardening

GERANIUM are easy to grow and will flower for a very long time. They enjoy bright light and a moderately dry soil.

Geranium with Sensible Gardening

POINSETTIA are a wonderful winter bloomer. They can last for months. They will go into a dormant stage then bloom again, so if you want to keep them over from one year to another it is possible. 

Poinsettia with Sensible Gardening

AMARYLLIS is a fast growing bulb with massive flowers. You can move these plants outdoors to a sheltered, semi-shade position in the summer and back indoors in the fall to start their cycle again.  I have tried this a couple of times but have not had much like with getting them to re-bloom.

red amaryllis with Sensible Gardening

KALANCHOE is a tropical succulent. You should let it dry out between watering. This plant prefers a dry climate and can withstand temperature swings.

Kalanchoe with Sensible Gardening

BEGONIA are an easy to grow winter flowering plant. Medium to bright light and evenly moist soil.

Begonia with Sensible Gardening

HIBISCUS are a lovely plant that can be trained into a tree form. Often this is how they are sold. Each flower last only a day or two but it produces many buds. Keep in a bright room with evenly moist soil. Regular fertilizing will help to keep them in bloom.

Hibiscus with Sensible Gardening

OXALIS or purple shamrock, prefers indirect sunlight, moist soil and cooler temperatures. It has interesting triangular leaves and dainty white flowers. To keep it really happy provide lots of fresh air. 

Oxalis with Sensible Gardening

ANTHURIUM will bloom for 8 weeks. Often called the Flamingo Flower, it requires medium to bright light but no direct sunlight and evenly moist soil in spring in summer. Fall and winter it is best kept barely moist. The blooms also make for long lasting cut flowers, that is if you can bare to cut them off.   

Anthurium with Sensible Gardening

FLOWERING MAPLE is fast growing with a long season of bloom. Give it bright light and evenly moist soil. If your watering becomes uneven, it will drop it’s blooms.

Flowering Maple with Sensible Gardening

BROMELIAD prefer bright light. Over time it produces “pups”, or side shoots, that eventually replace the original plant.

Bromeliad with Sensible Gardening

GLOXINIA likes it warm with a high humidity. Like their cousins the african violets, they do not like to get water on their leaves. Best watered from the bottom.

Gloxinia with Sensible Gardening

LIPSTICK PLANT makes for a great hanging plant. It needs bright light and evenly moist soil, but should be kept on the dryer side during it’s dormancy period. ( Sorry, no photo yet )

GUZMANIA is a type of bromeliad and member of the pineapple family. It loves warm temperatures, but slightly cooler when in bloom.

Guzmania with Sensible Gardeniing

PHALAENOPSIS ORCHIDS are the easiest orchids to grow. They prefer lower light and good humidity levels. They may stay in bloom for four to five months. Other types of orchids are a little more difficult to grow . 

Orchid with Sensible Gardening

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17 Easy to grow Flowering Houseplants with Sensible Gardening. Enjoying flowers all year by gardening indoors.

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