10 Ways to Impress Butterflies

10 Ways to Impress Butterflies with Sensible Gardening and Living

10 Ways to Impress Butterflies with Sensible Gardening and Living


Taking the time and energy to attract butterflies into your garden is definitely worth it. Butterflies are not only fanciful and beautiful to observe, but they are also great pollinators, second only to bees. Since butterflies have two distinct life stages, to keep them in your garden you must provide food for both the larva and flying stages of their development. This means you will have to accept a few caterpillars in your garden.

How to Attract Hummingbirds:

  • Mimic nature in your garden by planting wildflowers and native flowers in sunny borders. Even a small patch of wildflowers works wonders when attracting butterflies.
  • Butterflies are highly attracted to scent so plant flowers with strong fragrance. This is good for the gardener too!
Lavender growing at Sensible Gardening
  • Purple is the most favored color of butterflies, followed by blue, yellow, pink and white. Red does not turn butterflies on like it does hummingbirds.
Lilac at Sensible Gardening
  • Plant your flowers in mass groupings to grab the attention of passing butterflies. As they fly over your garden a mass planting will advertise that your garden will be worth stopping for.
  • Choose heritage cultivars as they have a stronger scent and higher pollen content.They are also less prone to disease and pests.
Daylilies at Sensible Gardening
  • Choose plants with upright flowers of a tubular shape. Butterflies use their tongue to dip into the depths of blooms.
  • Choose plants with large flat heads to supply a resting pad for butterflies. Everyone needs to  relax now and again, even butterflies.
Coreopsis at Sensible Gardening and Living
  • Butterflies love to sunbath, provide a sunny hot spot protected from the wind. A gravel patch or large rocks work well.
  • Supply a source of water. The edges of a quiet pond or a still standing puddle work best. Butterflies do not like moving water.
Pond at Sensible Gardening and Living
Quiet Pond
  • Plant a wide variety of different kinds of flowers. Butterflies are naturally found in meadows where there is a large selection of blooms and plant types. Variety is the spice of life.
Sulphur Butterfly resting at Sensible Gardening and Living
Sulphur Butterfly

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  1. Great tips for butterfly garden planning. I try to face my butterfly plant plots where butterflies can follow long corridors of space. Purple and yellow Lantana are equally popular here. Popular oranges are zinnias, marigolds, and Pride of Barbados and native milkweed. I think butterflies native to the Coastal south seem more likely attracted to hot colors

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