10 Tips for the Mature Gardener

Life can be strange sometimes, just when we have more time to enjoy our favorite pursuits, we are often moving into our more mature years. Even in good health, our bodies are not quite the same as when we were younger.

10 Tips for the Mature gardener with Sensible Gardening

Gardening is a very physical activity, especially hard on the back, hands, knees and shoulders. With a few precautions and adaptations, you can continue to garden throughout all stages of your life. Gardening is in fact a very healthy lifestyle choice for your senior years.


  • Do a few basic stretches before you head out into the garden.This helps to warm up your muscles before you start to work them.
  • Quit bending over all the time. Sit right down in the dirt, or on a pad if your prefer, to take the stress off your back.

10 Tips for the Mature Gardener with Sensible Gardening

  • Be kind to your knees and use a kneeling pad. There are all kinds on the market. Or use knee pads that strap right on and move with you with ease.
  • Use the right garden tools for the job you are doing. Do not use tools heavier or larger that what you can comfortably handle.
  • Keep your tools in good repair, keep all snips and saws well sharpened. A sharp tool can cut the work stress in half.

10 Tips for the Mature Gardener with Sensible Gardening

  • Use ergonomic tools to help take the stress off your hands and wrists.
  • Wear proper clothing. Wear a light and comfortable hat to keep the heat of the sun off your face and head. Also wear clothing that allows you to move easily and always wear garden gloves.
  • Take a jug of water out to the garden with you. If its handy you will drink it keeping your body hydrated.
  • Mix up your chores. Do not do one task for too long. Repetitive actions are hard on your body, mix it up throughout the day.
  • Take as many rests as you feel you need. Listen to your body and give it a chance to recuperate between tasks. Don’t expect to do everything in one weekend, pace yourself so you can garden another day.

10 Tips for Mature Gardeners with Sensible Gardening

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10 Tips for the Mature Gardener with Sensible Gardening